On A Deeper Understanding, The War on Drugs Prescribe a Heavenly Dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll

By Sarah Dezio


This album is worth the 73 minutes of your life. It’s one of those albums that you can feel in your chest. The emotion, the vibrations. You name it, and you’ll feel it. Each song has a calming, therapeutic vibe to it while still providing upbeat undertones that give you an endless supply of goosebumps. The album definitely throws you back in time into the 80s with dashes of Springsteen-like tunes tossed into it.

A majority of the songs signify a message of growth. The lyrics describe a stagnant moment in life, love and struggles. The songs represent moving forward from these tough times. In “Pain,” there is a lyric that exhibits this: “I resist what I cannot change, I wanna find what cannot be found.” In addition to “Pain,” “Rising Again” exhibits this with lines like “I’m rising from within” and “there’s always something bigger leaning on the other side.” All of these lyrics show perseverance and growth within the scenarios described in each song.

The imagery in this album is simply pristine, especially in “Thinking of a Place.” It’s the longest song on the album and could probably be an album by itself. Listeners can picture an entire scene of a walk on a beach under the moonlight. The only downfall to this song is the placement on the album. I wish they had placed it sooner to capture the listener more in the beginning versus waiting until just after halfway.

Overall, this is the kind of album you just want to tap your foot to (and you probably will).


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