Album Review: Milky Chance- Blossom

Review by Matt MacKenzie

Recommended Tracks: “Blossom,” “Clouds”

Grade: B+


If you’re asking yourself “Who is Milky Chance?” don’t worry. I had that same thought when scrolling through the new releases on Spotify. Honestly I downloaded the album because the cover photo for it was intriguing. It turned out, however, that it was a catchy album. It wasn’t too fast-paced but not too slow either. It has that nice balance of speed throughout the entirety of the album. But first, let us address the question of who Milky Chance is.

Milky Chance is a group originating from Germany that focuses mainly on folk music. They first emerged back in 2013 with their single “Stolen Dance,” which topped the charts in countries such as Austria, Poland and France. About five months later, they followed their single with an album titled Sadnecessary. It got album of the week by SPIN, described as a “serenely rollicking crossover jam” because it consisted of low beats and gentle guitar. Their first TV appearance came on the Jimmy Kimmel show the same month as Sadnecessary’s release (October 2014).

Folk isn’t a genre I would consider myself to be experienced in, but when I was listening to it, I would never have guessed that it was folk. I would have guessed Indie or something along that line. The album consists of some nice intro hooks following into some mellow lyrics and a catchy chorus (at times). It was very surprising to see that the album included acoustic versions of certain songs—something I’ve never seen. I listened to this on a whim, and it turned out to be a nice find. I’ll probably listen to it again.


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