Body Moves – DNCE



Grade: A-

Review By: Matt Mackenzie

“Body Moves” by DNCE is a mixed tempo song that showcases the talent of the group that may be destined to be a hit at some point in time. Led by lead singer Joe Jonas, the group has had a few hits like “Cake by the Ocean” in 2015 and “Toothbrush” this past summer.

They follow the same style of their songs by having a positive feeling along with amazing use of instruments for the background, especially the bass. In terms of lyrics, the chorus holds a fast paced tone to it compared to other sections of the song. The mid lyrical and outro beat near the end is the highlight of the song because the sound of it changes compared to other parts of the song. I can see this song being another top hit for the group with a large amount of more hits to follow in time.


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