The Fleshtones – The Band Drinks For Free

Review by Alex Prusik


RIYL: The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Yardbirds

Recommended Tracks: “Rick Wakeman’s Cape,” “The Sinner,” “Suburban Roulette” and “Before I Go”

Grade: B

The Band Drinks For Free, is The Fleshtones’ brand new album with a classic sound. The Fleshtones hit you with a nice feel good garage rock sound that sounds straight out of the sixties/seventies. Having been kicking around since the mid-seventies, The Fleshtones have retained their style throughout the years with The Band Drinks For Free being their 21st album.

Albeit being from Queens, you could hear in any smoke filled pub across the UK. If you’re a fan of The Rolling Stones or The Who, you’re going to enjoy The Fleshtones.

The whole album presents itself well with garage type style that can be reminiscent of English acts throughout the 60’s, which well defines them as garage rock but they aren’t confined to tributes of the past. The Fleshtones put out brand new rock and roll songs as if it were that the Stones were the biggest group on the radio again.


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