Album Review: Crazy Neighbors- Crazy Neighbors

Review by Mark Ventrice

RIYL: Nickelback, generic rock

Recommended Tracks: “Wake Up, It’s Morning”

Grade: C-

This album tries so hard to be good. There are so many chances Crazy Neighbors had to get away from the most generic-sounding rock music possible. They messed around with pianos on a lot of the tracks, but it really doesn’t matter when your vocalist sounds like he is yelling everything over the piano.

Let’s look at the positives first here. “Wake Up, It’s Morning” is the best song on the album by a mile. Not only because it’s actually listenable without you cringing or immediately turning it off, but they actually created a halfway decent melody line that is almost pleasant on the ears. For one of the only points on the album, the vocalist doesn’t sound like he is yelling everything, and when he isn’t yelling everything, he actually sounds pretty good. This song leads off the album and gives the listener a sense of hope that this could be a mediocre album.

The second track kills that, though. “Get Going” is everything bad that “Wake Up, It’s Morning” did with none of the good things. The vocalist starts yelling everything, the instrumentals are too quiet in some parts and way too loud in other parts. That’s only the beginning. Songs like “Right Back” are full of even more yelling over any instrumentals that are on the track. “Round” has the opposite problem.

The rest of the album is generic southern rock at best and hot garbage at its worse. There really is no reason to listen to this album.


2 thoughts on “Album Review: Crazy Neighbors- Crazy Neighbors

  1. As a member of the above mentioned band, I can appreciate brutally honest negative reviews more than fake praise, but seriously Nickelback? C’mon kid, that’s a low blow. You lose all credibility when you compare anything other than Nickelback to Nickelback, and much of this album is not even rock to begin with. So I would advise folks to decide for themselves what is worth listening to as opposed to a college DJ probably having a bad day decide for them. You can even find samples online to aid in your decision making.


  2. As a fan of “The Crazy Neighbors”, I would have to agree with Mr. Hawkinson. Great harmonies, great musicians and great tunes. Some of us have been listening to music for a longer time than others. Please make the call yourselves and listen to the album.
    Laurel Kaercher


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