Album Review: Lonesome Leash – Precious Futures

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL: Beirut, Neutral Milk Hotel, Jason Webley

Recommended Tracks: Track 1 – Momentum, Track 2 – One Foot in Front of the Other, Track 4 – Home Was A Feeling

Grade: B-


Accordions aren’t usually the most appealing instrument, but Lonesome Leash changes that stereotype up through his new album Precious Futures. Lonesome Leash is composed of one member, named Walt McClements, who serves as the main instrumentalist of the band. All of the instrumentation on the track is performed by McClements, so we get an idea of a utility man who is willing to mix it up through his multiple instruments.

“Momentum” carries an interesting sound. The accordion sets the base for the track, giving off a synth-based sound. The bass drum falls to the back. The trumpet mixed with the accordion creates an atmospheric sound that moves along until the end of the song.

“ One Foot in Front of the Other” brings out some more elements of a dance track. The bass drum is rapid and goes along with the pattern of the accordion. The vocals on the song feel darker than the other songs on the tracklist. The eerie accordion really sets the stage for the song and gives it the dark sound found throughout the song.

“Home Was a Feeling” builds up slowly. The accordion loops create a progression to build up to the ending that swells with sound. The vocals jump start the song’s journey by starting off light and crisp but turn into a louder crooning.

The tracks on the album feel as if they come off the same blueprint. The songs sound simplistic, but at the same time, they carry some diversity. McClements’ main draw is how he plays the accordion. No longer is there the usual stereotypical swaying, but rather, a rapid pace to it. Precious Futures goes to places no accordions have gone before.




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