Atmosphere releases new single “This Lonely Rose” with Aesop Rock and Blueprint

Review by Sean Lynch

Slug and Ant of Atmosphere are back at it again with their new song “This Lonely Rose.” Minneapolis, Minnesota natives Sean Daley (Slug) and Anthony Davis (Ant) have released their first material since their last album Southsiders. The song tells the story of one-sided love and the struggles that the trio of rappers has faced with the “lonely rose,” which is the beautiful girl that is hard to get.

The beat gives off a funk vibe with its distortion and slow drum beat. Slug begins the song at a slow pace and begins to spit the story onto the track. Blueprint and Aesop Rock both have phenomenal wordplay on the track and make out to be strong features–“Nope, when small things end up being gigantic/Relationships go the way of the Titanic” (Blueprint) and “Body ain’t a temple if it’s disassembled parts” (Aesop Rock) are lines that display this well. The only problem that the song has is its chorus. Blueprint sings well, but doesn’t fit as well with the funky beat. Besides that aspect, there are few miscues on the track.

The song has a deeper message than many of the mainstream rappers could think of going with. In a culture of “getting bitches and hoes,” the track shows the struggle that the rappers face in finding true love. Shying away from all the nonsense, Slug, Aesop Rock and Blueprint talk about real life struggle with love and do it in smart, concentrated verses. Switching up from the norm is hard for any artist to face, but Atmosphere takes it in stride as they lay it out in this heartfelt track.


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