The Neighbourhood- Wiped Out

 Review by Sarah Negron

Grade: A

After two years, The Neighbourhood is back with an R&B sound that makes this album an interesting turn of events for the primarily indie/alternative group.

It starts off with a moment of silence…literally its 34 seconds of silence before the album jumps into 11 tracks of southern California vibes and a twist of rhythm and blues.

The second track, “Prey,” brings a catchy melody combined with beachy guitar riffs to the album that will have this song stuck in your head for days.

Things switch gears about halfway through the album with the track, “Baby Came Home 2/Valentines,” that starts off like an R&B slow jam. It turns into something reminiscent of The Weeknd before fading into beachy drums, sounds of waves and subtle lyrics echoing in the background.

Unlike their first album, I Love You, these tracks are moody and really show the versatile side of the group. To go from an Alternative Rock sound to this beachy R&B vibe is daring for a somewhat new band. They took their sound to another level and effortlessly combined genres of dark pop and R&B, which was definitely worth the wait.


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