Album Review: Unalaska – Unalaska

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL: Panda Bear, Youth Lagoon, Son Lux

Song Recommendations: Track 1 “Air Transylvania”; Track 2 “Skeleton”; Track 4 “Fallows”

Grade: B

Edo Van Breemen and Zachary Gray certainly didn’t think at first that they would become a band on the set of a vampire movie, but both met while playing in a fictional band in the movie Afflicted. The Canadian duo seemed to have drawn from their past on their album Unalaska with their sound through eerie synths and deep, spacey loops.

“Air Transylvania” carries some of the most interesting effects on the album. The vocals are deadpanned, but carry a deep depression along the track. The drums that back the vocals fluctuate from deep thumps to light ticking. The radio and regular version of “Air Transylvania” are not too different besides the extension of some of the synths and effects throughout the song. You still get the same amount of dread through both tracks.

“Skeleton” diversifies the album with the use of an electric guitar. The guitar added to the numerous synths creates some depth within the songs. With the change from full effects to just the guitar towards the end, there is power gained by the guitar as it stretches into the end of the track. The vocals are atmospheric and sound as if they are floating above the song, and give a nice touch to the spacey song.

“Fallows” is interesting because of the mixture of gentle and deep sound it provides. The synths on the track blare until they turn into a softer sound. The vocals are muffled because of the effects the song puts to make it sound like it’s on vinyl. The distortion of the original sounds promotes a good mixture of both old and new and creates a feeling of uneasiness through the fading of the record..

Unalaska creates deep rifts through its dreamy components. The strong, spacey loops spin the tracks around and give a nice twist to them. Every song feels unique and mesh together with their intricate pieces. The mixture of pop and electronica bodes well for Unalaska For a short project, Unalaska delivers as a strong first step into indie for the duo.


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