Deafheaven- New Bermuda

Review by Sarah Negrondeafheaven

If you’ve been counting down the days until October 2nd, then you’re most likely a Deafheaven fan. The experimental black metal band released their third studio album, New Bermuda, last week. Although it’s short, this band has created one hell of an album.

It opens up with a personal favorite of mine, “Brought to the Water.” The track has an eerie start that incorporates church bells before the crazy psychedelic/progressive rock guitar and drums come smashing in.

“Baby Blue,” is the third track of the album and is like the calm before the storm. The first three minutes of the song are soft and instrumental, unexpected really. Then shit gets real at about 3:34 on the song when George Clarke comes in with some brutal vocals to wake you up.

The amazing shoegazing sound and guitar riffs that go into this album is incredible. The album has only five songs and is 46 minutes long from beginning to end. Deafheaven brings all the brutality and darkness of their past albums but has intensified it completely. This band gives it their all and has been my latest musical obsession since I heard the first single.

Black metal/experimental prog rock is an acquired taste and ever sense hearing “The Pecan Tree,” off of their last album Sunbather I’m in love with this band and album. I think it’ll be tough for any black metal lover to find a better album after they give this one a listen.


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