Music Review: Grandchildren-Zuni

Grandchildren- Zuni

Grade: A

RIYL: Animal Collective, Yeasayer, Local Natives, Of Montreal

Recommended Tracks:

Track 1- “Nothing”

Track 3- “Things They Buried”

Track 4- “Make It”

Track 6- “The Answer”

Track 7- “Turn Away”

Track 8- “The Roads”

If you like a high energy orchestral pop band with an eccentric sound, then Zuni is the album to listen to until your ears bleed.

The Philadelphia based group, Grandchildren, released a third album that I can’t get enough of. Their use of instrumentation makes every song on the album sound different but still allows each song to blend with the next.

The album starts with the upbeat and catchy song, “Nothing,” that reminded me of Generationals mixed with The Morning Benders, when they were good.

Songwriter, Aleks Martray, combines 60s psychedelia with modern electronica through tracks like “Make It” and “The Answer.”

Every track surprised me with the amount of instruments used. From quiet violins to a loud electronic beats, this album is anything but boring. The subtle use of piano and brass instruments along with trippy guitar riffs gives the entire album a positive vibe that’s sure to put you in a good mood.


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