Album Review: Empress of- Me

Me- Empress Of

Grade: B+

Empress Of creates experimental electronica and has a voice that’s almost hypnotic with her concept album, Me.

Lorely Rodriguez brings such an eclectic vibe to her work that makes me think of Florence Welch with a dash of Purity Ring.

She is very focused on a more pop driven sound with R&B influences which is a change for her.

Me is a concept album that tells a story all about relationships, both good and bad. She produces her own sound and lets listeners go along with her as she deals with the weird and everyday life situation, like getting cat-called on the streets.

Rodriguez provides raw and emotional lyrics that make this album personal art for the Honduran singer-songwriter.

With every track she covers another part of a relationship. From random hookups to being trapped with someone that you no longer have feelings for, this album has a song for any situation related to shitty breakups and being in love.

Rodriguez gives us a first-hand look into her thoughts and mind with this album and still gives out the message to get out of our own minds and let go of what no longer makes us happy. It tells a story and provides interesting art for your ears, it’s definitely worth giving a try.


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