Album Review: Clementine- Crooked Brain

Clementine- Crooked Brain

Grade: A

RIYL: Slint, Spiritualized, Them Crooked Vultures, Arctic Monkeys, Pavement

Recommended Tracks:

Track 3- “Float”

Track 4- “Ate Baby Porcupine”

Track 6- “Elephant and The Arctic Tern”

Track 9- “In Praise”

Clementine delivers a 90s driven rock sound with their latest release of Crooked Brain. With catchy melodies and their use of layered guitars, this album has a distinct sound similar to groups like Pavement or Arctic Monkeys. Before this album, I had no idea good music could come out of Minneapolis.

“Blood Diamonds,” has a real grunge feel to it with vocals reminiscent of spoken word. Towards the end of the song, it quiets down with simple yet haunting guitar and a high pitched echoing voice that is sure to be playing during one of your nightmares.

Each track fades into the next one and really tells a story through its lyrics and heavy rock guitar. Their sound is almost chaotic at times just because each song has so much going on.

“Elephant and The Arctic Tern,” not only has an awesome name but an even better sound. Ambient guitar mixed with Clemon Castro’s edgy vocals give off a slight Band of Horses feel, which for me makes it so much better.

This album is simply a delight for the ear drums.


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