Album Review: A Love Like Pi- III

A Love Like Pi- III

Grade: B+

RIYL: Two Door Cinema Club, The Faint, Postal Service, Promise Ring, Tycho

Recommended Tracks:

Track 2- “Dirty Work”

Track 3- “Boy”

Track 4- “Sorry 2.0”

Track 5- “Cats”

Track 9- “How Low”

Track 10- “Living Honestly”

The Brooklyn electronic/rock band really delivers a crazy techno sound mixed with pop on their latest album III.

“Till I Die,” is the first track of the album that really shows that this band is good at catchy choruses. It instantly gives off an upbeat and cheerful vibe that continues throughout the rest of the album.

Lief Liebmann, vocals, synthesizer and violin, brings vocals that are similar to Two Door Cinema Club or Ben Gibbard’s haunting voice in Postal Service.

Liebmann’s use of strings combined with crazy electric guitar, show that this duo is creative and do whatever the hell they want.

“Those Days Are Gone,” is a track that gives the album a twist with its Jamaican-esque sounding chorus. It brings in the use of brass instruments and Liebmann’s quieter vocals which makes it a personal favorite of mine from the album.

If you’ve been searching for interesting jams that will be stuck in your head for weeks, this album delivers.


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