Album Review: Health- Death Magic

Health-Death Magic

HEALTH is an industrial pop band that released its first album in six years, if you don’t count the Max Payne 3 soundtrack. Since their last album HEALTH has embraced their pop influences and gave an album that seems like a mix of modern pop and dépêche mode.

Death Magic utilizes many unpredictable synths and harsh noise throughout but the production is polished to a gleam. Tracks like Flesh World (UK) and Life are the best examples of the step towards pop that HEALTH has taken. Both theses tracks have the signature pop sound of being a fun song to jam to with your friends in the car but their lyrics, like the rest of the album, need a little more exploration.

Much of the album circles around love and relationships as many, many albums do, but Death Magic takes a spin on it. The track “Dark Enough” explores the need for love, “Does it make a difference if its real?/ As long as I still say I love you”. While listening to this album is hard not to make a connection with Nine Inch Nails, not surprising as Nine Inch Nails made industrial pop mainstream.

The album Death Magic represents both extremities in the genres it’s influenced by. At times the vocals will be soothing while synths play in the background then blast you with white noise when least suspecting. Overall Death Magic is an experimental album worth listening to, especially to any noise/industrial fans.


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