Album Review: Dick Diver- Melbourne, Florida

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL: Twerps, The UV Race, Peak Twins

Grade: B-

Melbourne, Florida; the backdrop for Dick Diver’s third studio album is not the most interesting place, but it is known for its blazing temperatures and international airport. Dick Diver’s new album is not an airport, but it will send them global because of the potential that it carries.Through their release of Melbourne, Florida, Dick Diver is beginning to build a presence on the international stage. What was once a live band project in 2008, now has become something exciting for the Indie Pop scene to behold.

“Waste the Alphabet” comes together as a simplistic song through its components. The guitars feed off of each other and give off an ‘80s rock type of feeling through its jangly chords. The bass is quite heavy in the background and pairs well with the drums.

“Leftovers” is compositionally different because of the brass section that is added to the track. Steph Hughes takes on double duty with both the lead vocals and the drums. Hughes voice creates a different sound on the vocals because her voice is fluffier than Edwards who has a lower off-tone kind of sound.

“Tearing the Posters Down” is a song that provides a bouncy feeling through its bouncy guitar. Like on Waste the Alphabet” the scheme is simplistic with a bunch of one chord strumming as well as a plain drum beat.

Dick Diver seem to have found their mold through Melbourne, Florida. For the past seven years, it has been a period of trying to find the right sound. Now that Dick Diver has hit that point, it is all about progression. If they can build up from Melbourne, Florida and its predecessors, there is no telling where Dick Diver will end up. For now though, there can be some enjoyment in the well crafted Australian indie pop.


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