Album Review: Avid Dancer- 1st Bath

Review by Marissa McCall

RIYL- Night Terrors of 1927, Elel, Rathborne

Recommended Tracks- Track 1 All the Other Girls, Track 3 All Your Words are Gone, Track 8 I Want To See You Dance, and Track 11 Why Did I Leave You Behind

Grade: B-

Avid Dancer is here to prove something on his debut studio album 1st Bath. The album gives off a psychedelic pop feel; the album also draws influences from 60’s surf rock, 90’s alternative, cool jazz vibes, and a hint of reggae music on a few tracks. Front man, Jacob Summers, was sheltered from everything but Christian music until his high school years, and admits that he is consistently discovering new music that most people already know and love. In an interview with the Huffington Post he admits that he was turned off by popular music because he didn’t know why they would sing about things other than God. He even thought the Beatles were generic sounding, but he says that all changed when he started smoking pot. He defines his music as more of loose pop songs rather than psychedelic rock/pop.

The first track “All the Other Girls” starts off with an interlude of drums and guitar riffs and then goes into the singer’s soft melodious voice. The song has a lighthearted essence by using upbeat drums as the backbone of the song and then playful guitar riffs. At the very end of the song a saxophone jams out along with the drums to wrap up the end of the song.

On track three “All Your Words are Gone” you get the feel that you are on a road trip with the one you love and you cant help but sing along. The song has fairly simple guitar riffs and beats, but he gives simplicity a fresh new take on this track.

On one of the last tracks on the album “Why Did I Leave You Behind” captures the essence of the regret from a break –up. The track is only made up of Jacob Summer’s voice and his guitar. The song has a lullaby feeling to it, possibly to lull the pain of a girl that he let go and now the regret haunts his being.

The debut album of Avid Dancer is only a sneak peak of what Summers has to offer to the music industry. This is definitely a musician you will want to keep on eye on, and expect big things from Avid Dancer in the future.


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