Album Review: Swervedriver- I Wasn’t Born To Lose You

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL: Doves, My Bloody Valentine, Lush, early Foo Fighters

Recommended Tracks: “Last Rites,” Setting Sun” and “Deep Wound”

Swervedriver characterizes the term shoegazing. Shoegazing originated out of England in the ‘80s when guitarists would look down at their shoes for most of their show to see their pedal boards for their guitars. The use of effect pedals has become a staple of Swervedriver as a band, and I Wasn’t Born To Lose You provides us with powerful effect-heavy rock.

The song “Setting Sun” resembles the name it is given because it pleasantly goes along until it sets at the end. The guitar comes in with a relaxed strumming and gentle picking. The vocals are soft and provide another light element to the song.

“Last Rites” is another song that falls into the light category because it carries that same relaxed tone through Adam Franklin’s vocals. “Everso”, which clocks in at seven minutes is a long journey, but it’s one worth your time. The guitars and vocals mesh together to create an atmospheric sound.

“Deep Wound” is a song that provides us with some of Swervedriver’s hard rock roots. The song is reminiscent of the Foo Fighters on The Colour and The Shape with its heavy guitar effects, quick drums and rough vocals.

I Wasn’t Born To Lose You serves as a great comeback album for Swervedriver. The group has been working on perfecting this album since they had reunited together. The album carries the essence of effect heavy rock. The album pushes the borders of metal but keeps within hard rock because of the softer borders. 17 years is an extremely long time to wait for a record, but Swervedriver brought it all together and presented something new while staying true to their shoegazing roots.


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