March Press Release

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The Buzz to host DJ lock in


ST. BONAVENTURE, NEW YORK (March 4) – The Buzz will be hosting a 24-hour radio lock-in March 19 open to all St. Bonaventure University students and faculty. Half of the proceeds will go to The Harry Potter Alliance, a non-profit organization that campaigns for literacy, ecnomic justice, gay rights, labor rights and more.


The lock-in will take place from noon on March 19 to noon on March 20. The cost is five dollars per DJ and DJs can have multiple time slots. Sign ups for time slots will be posted in the station a week before the event and are on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Harry Potter Alliance was founded in 2005 by comedian Andrew Slack and the band Harry and the Potters which collected donations for Amnesty International at its shows. The Alliance uses the renown of the franchise to raise awareness for causes such as immigration, marriage equality and net neutrality.


The other half of the proceeds raised from the lock in will go towards improvements to the station.


One current improvement by The Buzz is the purchase of a new computer. The computer has been bought and is expected to arrive later this month.


Make sure to sign up for the DJ lock-in after Spring Break to take part in this fun event and support a great cause.


For more information, please visit our website


About WSBU-FM, 88.3 The Buzz

WSBU-FM, 88.3 The Buzz, is St. Bonaventure University’s student-run radio station operating at 165 watts. It is nationally ranked No. 3 by The Princeton Review and offers the local community a variety of music including indie rock, alternative and hip-hop, along with news, sports and specialty shows.


One thought on “March Press Release

  1. Forty-Five years or so ago the campus radio station WOFM sponsored the Merry Christmas Melody Marathon. Money raised went to provide food, clothing (winter coats, caps and gloves) and small toys and went directly to the families in the greater Olean area – not some organization.

    The Harry Potter Alliance would seem to be promoting anti-Catholic agenda like same sex marriage (or marriage equality), literacy, economic justice (what ever that means – are they providing jobs and paychecks?) gay rights and on and on.

    This all sounds so nice and fuzzy and warm but does it fill an empty tummy, warm cold little hands etc. St. Francis must be spinning in his grave with the college supporting this liberal social mumbo jumbo. …. I can see the St. Francis Alliance but the Harry Potter Alliance?

    Forty-five years ago these same subjects and causes were part of the common good, socially responsible liberal mind set. Yet despite billions spent on everything from food stamps, to abortion to ‘free’ health care we have still failed to cure the problem. Matthew 26:11 and elsewhere tell us that there will always be poor people. Yes a bit out of context but still true.

    If everyone had a million dollars then someone would still be “poor’ if they had a mere $7450,00 By todays standards the three or four thousand dollars we raised in a 24 hour period along with the thousands of hours of planning, self-sacrifice by the entire student body provided a direct tangible gift to the area,

    Next year, if you decided to do something positive for the Olean area send me an email. I can round up a dozen of so d.j.’s from the 1968 to 1975 time frame. We will dig up our 45’s, albums and have some fun. We will raise the money for the people of the area – feed them and cloth them and kick Harry Potter to the curb where he (it) belongs. Social justice my …… well never mind.

    Ted Paul Bona ’72
    WOFM 1968 to 1972 and co-chair of the MCMM in 1971

    BTW you ought to use a spell check as economic in your press release is – well never mind.


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