Album Review: Hodgy Beats- The Dena Tape 2

Review by Josh Svetz

RIYL: Casey Veggies, Tyler the Creator, Domo Genesis

Recommended Tracks: “Cudda Been”, “New Balance”, “HakuemeniB”

It’s been a year and a half since Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats released a mixtape on his own. After getting his new group, “MellowHigh,” comprised of himself, fellow MellowHype member Left Brain and rapper Domo Genesis off the ground with their self-titled debut album, Hodgy went back to being solo. His efforts culminate into his newest project, “The Dena Tape 2.” It’s a sequel to his first-ever mixtape, “The Dena Tape,” which featured a compilation of his earlier work. This time, Hodgy goes with a more standard mixtape format.

Hodgy recruits DJ Cannon, known for working with Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean and Rick Ross, to give us “The Dena Tape 2,” a different sound than usual Odd Future mixtapes. Hodgy opens strong with a high-energy braggadocious track in “Self-Titled.” In this track, Hodgy shows off his signature flow and throws a few punchlines in that show the growth of the New Jersey rapper. He also switches things up by throwing in sentimental tracks like “New Balance,” where both Hodgy and guest rapper, fellow MellowHigh member Domo Genesis, shine as they talk about mental woes in the rap game.

However, possibly the best offering from Hodgy, “Cudda Been,” talks about Hodgy growing up without his father, his upbringing, and his child, Trenton. Hodgy provides excellent flow and some of the best lyrical content we’ve seen from him to date.

Overall, Hodgy Beat’s latest offering, shows the growth of the young rapper and has plenty of highlights that should keep Hip-Hop fans satisfied.


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