February Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                        For more information contact:

Brianna Kasperek: kasperbn@sbu.edu

Alexandra Napoli: napoliae12@sbu.edu

The Buzz prepares for an exciting semester

Computers, fundraisers and more!

ST. BONAVENTURE, NEW YORK (Feb. 10) – A new semester has begun for The Buzz, and the board of directors is exploring new ways to keep WSBU-FM the No. 3 college radio station in the nation.

 The order for a new computer has been made and its arrival is expected shortly, as announced by station manager, Jackie Roberts, on Sunday.

 Roberts also plans to return the public file to the station. The public file contains all written communications regarding The Buzz.

In addition to the computer and public file, the station will be hosting a radio lock-in fundraiser (charity and date to be announced). Half of the proceeds will go to the cause once determined by the board.

The sports department will no longer broadcast women’s basketball games. However, it will be broadcasting Atlantic 10 Conference games. The department is also excited to announce it will be covering the men’s club basketball team’s first season this semester.

Staffers are encouraged to contribute any ideas on improvements to the station throughout the semester. For more information, please visit our website www.wsbufm.com.

About WSBU-FM, 88.3 The Buzz

WSBU-FM, 88.3 The Buzz, is St. Bonaventure University’s student-run radio station operating at 165 watts. It is nationally ranked No. 3 by The Princeton Review and offers the local community a variety of music including indie rock, alternative and hip-hop, along with news, sports and specialty shows.


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