Album Review: One of Those Things–Baked Goods

Review by Sean Lynch

Baked Goods-One Of Those Things

RIYL: Dave Matthews Band

Recommended Tracks: “A Good Time,” “Try,” ”Hey Now”

Baked Goods is bringing their own eclectic style to jam music with their new album One Of Those Things. Coming out of Merrick, New York, the band brings their fusion of funk, rock and roll and jazz. Baked Goods is a band that is up-and-coming within the jam band scene and their potential shows through One Of Those Things. For 34 minutes, you are hit with a mixture of different genres and and instruments.

“A Good Time” is one of the songs that captures all of these genres on One Of Those Things. You hear the jazz right away when the tenor saxophone brings you into the song. The guitar is bouncy and Asa Daniels’s vocals complement the energy of the guitar. The tenor sax is the real star of the song as its sweet and rapid tone takes you away.

“Try” is one of the rock and roll-oriented songs off of One Of Those Things. The guitar is utilized for most of the song. The guitar solo is very power chord-heavy. The tenor sax is extremely heavy toward the end of the song. The composition is weird because there is a mixture of rock and roll and funk that creates a unique 80’s style of music. Some other songs that are worth a listen include “This Child,” “Hey Now” and “Sailing Free”.

Baked Goods really creates their own style of jam music through their own combinations of genres and instruments. The sound they create is something to marvel at because it belongs to them, and it gives them an identity. If you are looking for a band with an interesting mixture and a special sound, then One Of Those Things would be right for you.


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