Album Review: The Night, The Grind, And The Woes–Kingsborough

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL: The Black Keys, The Alabama Shakes, Kings of Leon

Recommended Tracks: “Till the Road Ends,” “Disco,” “Mr.Wind”

In a time where music rarely has soul, Kingsborough brings a fresh new take to the music world. The band gives us a large amount of energy through their new release The Night, The Grind, And The Woes. Kingsborough is a mixture of blues and classic rock to create an appealing conversation. The album runs for 39 minutes, which is fairly short, but it’s a 39 minutes full of raw energy and emotion.

“Disco” was very different from the other songs on the album because it was stylized as a different genre. It’s very funky and is very reminiscent of the 80s. The bass pops around a lot and complements the cymbals. The vocals on the track are different from the others because they sound lighter and softer.

“Till the Road Ends” was another bouncy song off the album. The beginning of the song builds up so much with anticipation with the rapid tapping of the drum and the quick strumming of the guitar. The vocals of Billy Kingsborough remind me of a Dan Auerbach style in which they are rough but have a lightness to it.

Kingsborough is something else when it comes to musical acts. Kingsborough doesn’t just make an album to listen to, they make an album to experience. The raw energy that the band provides is unmatched by any musical acts. If you enjoy a very passionate rock album, then this is the album for you.


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