Album Review: Stuck in a Dream–Bike Thief

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL: The Decemberists, Arcade Fire, Built to Spill

Recommended Tracks: “Ghosts of Providence” “We Once Knew You” “A Breath”

If you look up the definition of strange in the dictionary, then you would probably find Bike Thief’s picture right under it. Bike Thief is a band coming from Portland, Oregon, and with Portland’s slogan being “Keep Portland Weird,” Bike Thief fits that mold though their album Stuck in a Dream.

The songs on Stuck in a Dream are bizarre because of their composition and sound. Many of the songs use violin or viola and it creates a peculiar dream-like sound. The uses of synthesizers in the song help add to that dream-like feel.

“Ghosts of Providence” is one of the stronger more upbeat songs on the album. The guitar solo halfway through the song provides a enthusiastic ride into the main part of the song. The vocals are light and are complemented by the softness of the synthesizer in the background. The percussion is a mix between bells and a very prominent bass drum that brings everything all together.

“We Once Knew You” is a song that strongly uses the violin. The song kicks off with a short rich swaying accompanied by the drums. The backing vocals towards the middle add a very unique feel to the song because their presence is very eerie which is caused by their high pitched voices. The song almost put me to sleep, but not in a bad way either. It was just so light and peaceful that it puts you at rest.

There is no doubt that Bike Thief is a weird band, but their weirdness is what makes them so interesting and it doesn’t take away from their skill at all. Stuck in a Dream is like having a weird dream. You will experience abnormal tunes, but you’ll want to continue to see where they bring you because they are unbelievably good.


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