Album Review: Hyperview–Title Fight

Review by Mark Ventrice

RIYL: Balance and Composure, Tigers Jaw

Recommended Tracks: “Rose of Sharon,” “Liar’s Love,” “New Vision”

 The third studio album from the melodic punk rock band out of Kingston Pennsylvania. Not only do they have three studio albums, but they also have something like nine EP’s in their 13-year existence as a band. Title Fight’s newest addition to their discography is more melodic than anything they have put out before.

Many of the songs on this album have guitar that is played down in exchange for a synthesizer effect on the guitar that gives it a somewhat unique sound. Beyond the synth though, there is also some sort of effect on the lead singer’s voice, and that gives it a very played- and almost wispy sound to it. However, with these effects on almost all the songs, it makes them all sound pretty much the same.

This album is okay. It’s nothing that is demanding to be listened to, but if it’s a sound that you like, then go right ahead because you will probably like it, but if not, then you will likely hate it.


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