Album Review: Natalie Prass

Review by Matthew Hoey

RIYL: Jenny Lewis, Feist

Recommended Tracks: Track 1, Track 6, Track 8

Powered by a quiet barrage of strings and horns, Natalie Prass releases her debut studio album.  Her voice never breaks above a calculated inside-voice, which is uncharacteristic of a breakup album—usually boasting powerful vocal lines that showcase the artists’ angst.  Prass, on the other hand, lets her lyrics tell the story of her heartbreak.  She sings on “Violently,” “And I’ll break all my bones, cause they all, they all want you.” She’s blatantly obvious and doesn’t waste time clouding the meaning behind her lyrics.

Injected with elements of blues and jazz, Natalie Prass sets herself apart from the rest of the indie-pop girl power solo acts.  She transcends the 21st century of female vocalists.  Her pleasant voice brings about a sense of nostalgia, while still sounding genuinely new.  Her lyrics— simple, but meaningful.  The in-house backing band from Spacebomb Studios accompanies Prass throughout, giving her a crutch for her vocals to stand on.  However, the instrumentation does not outshine the vocal performance.  Instead, it creates a sense of harmony that makes Natalie Prass’s first studio album sound like she’s done this before.


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