Top Shelf Records Label Sampler 2014: Various Artists From Top Shelf Records

By:Sean Lynch

RIYL: Braid, Prawn, Sundials, LITE, Frameworks, and Nai Harvest

Tracks to listen to: “Put Some Wings On That Kid,” “Award Of The Year Award,” “Thalassa”

Top Shelf Records released their annual sampler labeled Top Shelf Records Label Sampler 2014. The label has served as a catalyst for various pop-punk artists such as Chamberlain, run,WALK!, and Moller. The album works as a sampler for some of the artist signed to the label. Many of the artists who are signed to the label are pop-punk but some have hardcore and alternative influences in their songs.

One of the best songs on the album had to be “Put Some Wings On That Kid” by Braid. Braid was well known as a critically acclaimed Emo band in the late 90’s. The roughness of their intercontinental tours pulled the band apart for a while and led to their disbandment in 1999.The band came back together in 2011 and began playing more of a pop-punk style of music and have really benefited from this change. The song presents a ton of jubilant energy. Its the kind of song a band plays to get people going at a concert. The guitar is all over the place, but it is these looney riffs that make the songs fun.

Another song on the album is “Thalassa” by Prawn. The song reminds me of Reel Big Fish with the use of loud horns in the hooks. Tony Clark’s raspy vocals provide a different take to the more jubilant background sounds of the guitar and horns. The song sounds really different from pop punk, but that’s what makes it so interesting.

The album is a great addition if you are looking for new artists. The majority of the artists featured on the album put forth their best material and it is a really great compilation overall.


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