Music Review: Wyland- You’re in the World Get Off Your Feet

Review by Alexandria Acacia

RIYL: Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys

The EP “You’re in the World Get Off Your Feet” released by the group Wyland, immediately engages listeners with their familiar sound of rock music. This Alternative Indie Rock band brings different styles to each of their EP’s and singles. This particular short album consists of different sounds, which collectively unify the whole album.

What makes the EP so interesting is that they put the alternative rock in alternative rock. As soon as you start listening, you will immediately identify the genre. Though, listening to their other releases, this sound is extremely different but is as equally as enjoyable. Their album opener, “Wait,” is an attention grabber, including unique, fast tempo instrumentals, and various harmonic vocals. The band brings a variety of fast and slow songs, but the whole EP consists of fast paced sound.

In the beginning of the EP, the song “Shine” caught my attention because it was much more different than the previous song, and pulsated through my headphones. Other songs like “Prelude” were notably softer and slower, but I still found them enjoyable. The EP has a mixture of extreme forte and, alternatively, soft sounds, which compellingly bring the album together. Their ending song, “Everything We Have,” is a great last song because it is a combination of the music played in the previous tracks, and it manages to conclude the EP because it sounds like the ending of a production.

The album both endorses and builds off of other artists. Some of the songs on the EP seem like they would be found on a Coldplay album like “Prelude.” Although, I do not know the whole meaning of the EP, the individual tracks consist of sincere lyrics, and a climatic tune blended with pop that helps bring the whole collection together.


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