Album Review: Robby Hunter Band- Magic City Hippies

Review by Mark Ventrice

RIYL: Dirty Heads, The 1975, Mod Sun

Recommended Tracks: All of them

Everything about this is weird, from the name of the album to the name of the band, but I think I like it. I don’t even know exactly what it is about this that makes me like it. Maybe it’s the strange sound effects and clips they use in all their songs. Or maybe it’s the fact that every single song on this album is a different genre than the previous song.

“Hard on Me” is an indie pop song with heavy influences from mainstream pop songs. The chorus is very repetitive and it has a really catchy electronic synthy beat.

The next song, “Corazon,” is an indie rap song. A very happy, upbeat indie rap song with another tune you will probably get stuck in your head if it’s listened to a few times.

Next we go to “Bust,” which is a slower indie-pop song. This song features some of the strangest lyrics on the album, most notably, “And I wanna roll but breasts you got/Look good enough to eat.” Even with the strange lyrics this might be the best song on the whole album.

“Fire” is an indie-rock song. A very modern and pop influenced indie-rock song, but indie-rock nonetheless. Also, it has a killer chorus and a killer beat behind it.

The final song on the album is called “Bull Ride,” and it introduces an acoustic guitar to go with the electronic beat behind the song. I would consider this to have the beat of an indie-pop song but with the elements of indie rock. Either way though, it’s really good as well.

Yes, this album is really weird— really weird but also really good and definitely worth the 15 minutes or so that the album lasts.


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