Album Review: Reve- The Joanne Sessions

Review by Sean Lynch

RIYL : Fleetwood Mac, Metric

Tracks to listen to: All especially ”More Than I Can Take”

The band RÊVE entertains through their new EP release “The Joanne Sessions.” RÊVE presents a ton of separate sounds in each song. For 13 minutes, the band projects their form of Art Rock, which is their combination of unique elements and classical music.

The song “More Than I Can Take” comes off as more of a ballad. The voice of Athena Hiotis is very soft and creates a great trio with the piano and violin. “Inertia” goes along the same lines with its composition. The use of an electric piano creates a different sound from RÊVE’s Art Rock style because it does not use a traditional piano. Usually this would be a problem, but they make it work well in the song. Finally, “Like Moths” is one of the longer songs on the EP. The song presents more of a somber tone through the violin parts. Lisa Ehrenspeck plays wonderful pieces for the songs on the EP and is one of the shining points on the EP.

“The Joanne Sessions” is a compelling piece. The EP comes off as classical, but at the same time it presents itself as a rock music. This EP is something you should really pick up if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.


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