Album Review: Nicole Equerme- I

By Alexandria Acacia

RIYL: Norah Jones, Joy Williams, Carla Bruni

Nicole Equerme’s first album I is a mixture of both folk and alternative. Her mix of acoustic guitar and other harmonic instruments brings in the right kind of sound for her soft voice. The 10-song album does not have much variety besides the temp, and of course the lyrics.

The first couple of songs start of a bit slow, but once you get to “Slippin’ Through,” it grows more fast paced. Nothing about the album stuck out to me except that it was boring. Although, I did feel as if I was going on journey with her, because of the instrumentals. The only songs I found enjoyable were “Save Me” and “Declaration,” the rest of the album was either too slow or sounded a bit childish. Also, some of the songs on the album I did not quite understand the meaning, which made the album harder to enjoy. For a first album, I would expect to be able to find something unique, but I is just plain.


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