Album Review: Indie supergroup Team* debut album

Review By Mark Ventrice

Recommended Tracks: “The Man in a Suit with his Eye to the Sky”, “Alone in My Room”, “Stay”

RIYL: Pheonix, The 1975, Passion Pit

I love Team*. I’m just going to throw that one out there to start this off. A little quick background on them is that they are a “Supergroup” formed from members of Boys Like Girls, The Almost and Forever The Sickest Kids. Good Morning Bad Day is their first full-length album, but they did have singles before it that were quite good in their own right. This album is really, really good.

“The Man in a Suit with his Eye to the Sky” is the opening track off of the album and it sets the tone and draws anyone in with its catchy beat and style that I can only describe as something you may expect to hear on a song from the 70’s. After that quick little draw in it turns into a modern indie jam that is just a joy to listen to. The vocals are perfect, and it’s just really good

My favorite song off this album has got to be “Alone in My Room”. This one has a much softer melody to it, complemented with the plucking of an acoustic guitar. The lyrics are what I love the most about this song and none more than the opening lines “Here I am all alone in my room/having the time of my life./Who needs friends, they’ll just leave in the end/leave you when you need them most.” The plucking of the guitar then turns to strumming and the song gets more upbeat, but the vocals still remain soft. The way the song is sung does a great job selling the feeling that the lyrics convey.


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